Basic Idea and Theory

  Dianetics divides the mind into three parts the analytical mind, reactive mind and somatic mind.
An Dianetics ad from April 1950
Hubbard defines the Analytical Mind as the thinking and or computing mind. Whereas the Reactive Mind is The place where Engrams, memories of pain and unconsciousness, are stored the Reactive Mind is also called the Bank. The Somatic Mind is defined as the body memory of past pains and aches which are re-stimulated or turned on during an auditing session which for this instance would be contained in an engram. The ultimate goal of Dianetics is to remove the reactive mind and achieve a state which Scientologist call Clear. The Scientologist believe the reactive mind prevents people from becoming more aware, more ethical, saner and ultimately happier. This state is, according to Scientologist achieved through a type of talk therapy, called auditing.  Where a type of therapist called an auditor ask you questions about traumatic experiences in your past and supposedly allows you to relive the moments so that they no longer affect you. However, this process is monotonous and repetitive. Which despite, current claims from the Church of Scientology is a type of hypnotism.